Cambodia Travel Guides

Our specialists have travelled every corner of Cambodia and have an abundance of first-hand knowledge to enrich your trip. We’ve put together a number of guides to the country to help give you a better idea of what to expect. From the different ways to explore the magical temple complex of Angkor Wat (did you know you could fly over it in a helicopter?), to how best to tackle the country with family in tow or the perfect countries to combine Cambodia with, we can steer you in everything you need to know.

Have a read of our Cambodia guides for inspiration or get in touch with our specialists to tap directly into their knowledge and allow them to share tales with you of their many visits to this unique country. We have a wealth of experience from our own travels in Cambodia and also work closely with our partners on the ground, so any question you have, we can provide the answer.

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Cambodia for Families

Less obvious than other Asian countries for family travel, there are many perks to a family holiday in Cambodia. It’s a country oozing with charm, culture, history and striking landscapes. From the patchwork of paddy fields to the world-famous temples of Angkor, Cambodia offers everything for an exotic out-of-the-box family adventure.

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Cambodia for Teens

Don’t let Cambodia’s small size fool you, this country has a lot to offer. It’s charming, exotic and rich in history and culture. Unlike younger children, teens are more able to appreciate and enjoy the intricacies of this fascinating nation.

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Our guide to Cambodia

Captivating and colourful, Cambodia offers visitors a wealth of experiences and an insight into one of the world’s most fascinating histories.

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Cambodia's temples: our guide

Images of monks wondering through ruined temples is synonymous with Cambodia, but which temples should you visit and why? The Khmer empire ruled between the 9th and 15th centuries and its ruined citadels and temples pepper a huge area.

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Wat's Hot in Cambodia

Cambodia is one of the most talked about destinations of the moment and with a flurry of exciting hotels opening their doors this year, it is no wonder why. Often overlooked in favour of Indochina's heavyweights, Cambodia has established itself as a truly wonderful destination in its own right.

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