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How to pick your safari destination

Whether you're a safari virgin or veteran, you'll have plenty to ponder when planning your African safari. From what you want to see and do to where to go to beat the crowds, the options may seem mind-boggling. Never fear, we're here to help you find the perfect safari for you.

Safari first timers

Congratulations! Our Africa experts love nothing more than sharing their passion for this beautiful, diverse continent with safari first timers. We realise that a safari is a bucket list experience so our focus is firmly on quality, authenticity and balance. We want to show you the real Africa at a pace you'll enjoy. The temptation to cram a lot in is strong but non-stop game drives and too little time in one place will leave you feeling drained. Three or four days on safari is plenty of time to explore and check a few beasties off of your list. Be sure to read 'first time on safari' which addresses a few frequently asked questions.

At a Glance

  • Budget and travel dates

    How much do you want to spend and when do you want to travel? These will help dictate where you go. For example, some fascinating parts of Africa are in seriously hard to reach places where camps and lodges have to fly in food and water, which can be reflected in the price. That said, a great safari isn't all about the accommodation; it's important to choose the best location to fit with your wish list, and hand pick the finest safari guides with the skills and experience to bring the bush to life.

  • Where to go

    Kenya and Tanzania are perfect for newbies as they're easy to blend with a few post-safari days on a beautiful beach. South Africa is also a great choice for its sheer diversity of landscapes and activities. There's a reason it's described as 'a world in one country'.

  • What to do

    Are you an out-and-out wildlife nut? A culture vulture? Or perhaps you have a niche interest such as photography or bird watching? Either way, one of your first decisions will be to pin point what you want to see and do. Deciding when you can travel will also help isolate what you'll be able to do in various destinations. For example, if you wish to visit Victoria Falls you need to know that water levels fluctuate with the seasons. Likewise, if the famous wildebeest migration is top of your list, you need to know where the animals are at different times of the year.

  • Get advice

    Speak to someone who's been there, not once but multiple times. Sure, do your online research and read guidebooks, but nothing beats first hand knowledge. It's the difference between staying in a good camp or a great one. Of seeing a pride of lion shoulder to shoulder with 50 other people or observing them alone with a lion expert. Whatever you decide, a safari is one of the best things you'll ever do. The wide open spaces and star-studded skies; delicious food cooked in the humblest kitchens; warm hospitality and iconic wildlife. We're here to ensure that it all adds up to an unforgettable experience.

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