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The word 'Africa' conjures up images of endless plains teeming with wildlife, empty spaces with never-ending skies, white sand beaches with crystal clear waters and romantic nights under the stars. At Scott Dunn we are passionate about this incredible continent and the endless array of experiences it offers. Unforgettable safaris in the Masai Mara, the breath-taking landscapes of Ethiopia, the pristine beaches of Mozambique and the rugged hills of the South African Winelands, Africa has something to offer everyone whether it is your first time or your thirty-first. We know the best safari guides and the hidden gems of Africa that often go unseen. Whether you are a family wanting to see your children’s excitement at seeing their first elephant, adventurers wanting a back to basics safari or honeymooners wanting that trip of a lifetime, we will create an extraordinary holiday for you all topped off with unforgettable experiences.

Safari testimonials

"I just wanted to say how fantastic everything was. The honeymoon was just amazing and we loved every minute of it. Thank you so much for organising an amazing holiday, one that we shall never forget. You were absolutely right about the order of the trip and the venues."
KM, Safari and beach honeymoon in Tanzania

"Anna was just incredible. Listened to what we were looking for and put together the perfect holiday mix of action, adventure, crazy stuff and chill out. Total reliability and attention to detail. Did not feel that the holiday was the same that every other family was recommended and that it had been put together just for us based on our wishlist of things to do. Perfect mix of activity and down time. Weather was perfect as we had been recommended the right areas to travel to."
KD, Family holiday to Malawi, Zambia & Mozambique

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First time safaris

A safari in Africa is something many of us dream of experiencing at least once in our lifetime. For many, watching Out of Africa conjures up images of beautiful vistas dotted with acacia trees. Not all safari destinations offer these wide open plains, but we have selected some of our favourite itineraries that work fantastically well for people on safari for the first time. With great game viewing and a phenomenal guide to bring the experience to life. Whether you are a family or couple going on honeymoon, we have handpicked safari lodges and camps to make it an African adventure that you'll never forget - you'll want to return to this fascinating continent again and again.

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Family Safari Holiday Guide

Here at Scott Dunn we send families of all ages to Africa – the thrill of seeing animals in the wild is every child’s dream! But where and what to choose for the different age groups can be confusing, so we hope to give you some help and guidance below.

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Wildebeest Migration

Africa's supreme wildlife spectacle, the wildebeest migration is the story of three million animals’ relentless journey across the Maasai Mara and the Serengeti. A constantly evolving drama between predator and prey, this is nature at its visceral best.

As sensory overloads go, there’s little to match Africa's wildebeest migrations. The constant noise, the dust in the air, the smell of hundreds of thousands of animals on the move. You can quite literally feel the earth vibrating through the soles of your feet, see water trembling in your glass. Periods of calm erupt without warning into extreme tension as the wildebeest travel in search of life-giving water and fresh green grass.

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How to Pick Your Safari Destination

There are many things to consider when planning a safari. Whether this is your first time, or you've been several times before, the choice of destinations, styles of safari and accommodations can seem mind-boggling. But there are plenty of ways to help narrow down the choices and find a safari that's perfect for you.

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Canoe safaris in Africa

Explore parts of Africa otherwise inaccessible by road or rail on an unforgettable canoe safari. Rivers and waterways open up a whole new world, one where wild animals, including honking hippos and huge elephants, come to you as they're drawn to the water to drink. Trips extend over days or weeks, and because you glide downstream with the current you only need be moderately fit to take part. Rewarding and restorative, a canoe safari is the perfect way to escape the daily grind, unplug and reacquaint your self with a more natural pace of life where you rise and retire with the sun.

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Flying Safaris in Africa

Soar above Africa’s finest wilderness areas aboard your own private prop plane as the horizon stretches out before you. Circle above mist-shrouded beaches and rusted shipwrecks in Namibia or fly ‘Out of Africa’-style in a biplane over Kenya’s Maasai Mara. Raved over by safari connoisseurs, a flying safari is one of the best ways to access Africa's wildest places.

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Malaria-free safaris

From the Eastern Cape reserves in South Africa to beautiful Etosha National Park in Namibia, you have plenty of choices for a wildlife-packed malaria-free safari with plenty of activities for all ages.

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Riding Safaris in Africa

Chase down the horizon on horseback cheek to jowl with a dazzle of zebra. Keep pace with the great wildebeest migration as it surges across the Serengeti or watch unnoticed as a cheetah hunt unfolds. Africa’s sweeping landscapes are an open invitation if you seek the thrill of viewing wildlife from your saddle. Whatever your ability, a riding safari will get you deeper into the wilderness than any game drive.

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Primate safaris - Gorillas and Chimps

Few wildlife encounters are as humbling and thrilling as a primate safari. The chance to watch a family of wild mountain gorillas go about their business in a forest clearing in Rwanda or Uganda as males vie for status, mothers fuss over youngsters, and babies rough and tumble in much the same way as our own infants. Or spend time with our boisterous cousins: chimpanzees, lemurs and monkeys, often in areas so remote that you'll witness unique behaviours like the 'Mahale handshake'. Perfect for families, couples and singles, a primate safari is a profound reminder of the deep bond we share with these beautiful beasts.

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Walking Safaris in Africa

Want to experience Africa's great wilderness up close? Universally adored by anyone who's been lucky enough to do one, a walking safari is the purest, most intimate form of safari. In the company of an expert guide, you get to dial back the pace, soak up the scenery, revel in the silence and spot birds, plants and small mammals you may miss on a game drive. In short, you're totally at one with nature.

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Did you know?

Crocodiles can live for over one year without eating.

Did you know?

Elephants are scared of bees.

Did you know?

Giraffes are completely silent because they're born without a larynx.

Did you know?

For every month of the year there is the perfect African adventure.

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