Green Season Walking Safaris

Luangwa Valley, Zambia

Walking in the African bush is a special experience at any time of the year, but the opportunity to walk in somewhere like the Luangwa Valley in the Green Season is a treat for even the most experienced visitor to Africa.

The South Luangwa is famous for walking. Norman Carr established the first safari camp in the park in 1950, since then he and the guides who have come after him continue to explore this incredible part of the African bush on foot. Getting up close to wildlife on foot is a thrilling experience, the guides and scouts of the area are among the best in the business, decades of experience and a passionate love for their environment and the wildlife they encounter.

The commonly pictured image of walking safaris is in a dry landscape where the palette is dominated by browns and you can see for hundreds of metres all around. Visit these areas during the 'rainy' season and you're in for a totally different experience. The sights, sounds and smells of the bush are heightened - bright greens, rich earthy aromas and the constant bird-song creates an overwhelming sensory experience. While it may not be the best time to get up close to the big game, you are still sure to have memorable wildlife sightings at this time of year on foot and for birders it's paradise.

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