Best Time to Visit Zambia

Knowing the best time to visit Zambia is key. Generally speaking, June – September is the dry season, meaning little to no rain, warmer day temperatures and great game viewing. No matter when you travel, temperatures are sure to drop at night and early mornings so be sure to bring a warm fleece.

As you creep into October, temperatures can be extremely high. This can provide some amazing game viewing but for many people, it is unbearably hot. Be sure to let us know your comfort level with heat if you are thinking of travelling during this time. From around November – May, many of the camps will be closed due to the heavy rains and black cotton soil, making it impossible to drive. However, there are some camps that are still open during this “Emerald Season,” and it can be an incredible time to see the country if you are interested in birding or looking for a fantastic cost savings. Victoria Falls is a bit different than the rest of the country as it is open year-round. However, time of year does affect the flow of water. There is no bad time to see Victoria Falls: with lower water levels you have more chances to do water activities and with higher water levels, you will have a more dramatic view of the Falls. Due to natural construct of the river, the Zambian side of the falls always has less water than the Zimbabwean side, but you can easily have access to viewing from both sides.

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Climate guide for Zambia

Destination Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Kafue and western Zambia 22°C 176mm 23°C 120mm 24°C 15mm 22°C 118mm 19°C 0mm 16°C 0mm 16°C 0mm 20°C 0mm 22°C 0mm 26°C 0mm 26°C 86mm 24°C 86mm
Lower Zambezi 22°C 0mm 23°C 31mm 22°C 129mm 22°C 21mm 20°C 0mm 18°C 0mm 18°C 0mm 21°C 236mm 22°C 0mm 25°C 18mm 26°C 2mm 23°C 22mm
Lusaka and central Zambia 22°C 154mm 23°C 110mm 24°C 11mm 22°C 102mm 19°C 0mm 16°C 0mm 16°C 0mm 20°C 0mm 22°C 0mm 26°C 0mm 26°C 56mm 24°C 89mm
Victoria Falls - the Zambia side 20°C 373mm 20°C 44mm 21°C 8mm 21°C 13mm 20°C 1mm 14°C 0mm 14°C 0mm 22°C 0mm 25°C 0mm 26°C 1mm 26°C 67mm 23°C 115mm
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