Gorillas & orangutans

It’s easy to see why hanging out with great apes in the wild snags the top spot on many a bucket list. Their eyes a mirror to a not-so-distant past, their gestures and relationships so like our own. Perhaps you dream of trekking through lush forest to see mountain gorillas in Rwanda? Or visiting those charismatic redheads, the orangutans of Borneo? Powerful and moving, a primate safari is one of the most rewarding trips you’ll ever take in your life.

Gorilla and orangutan trekking

Hike deep into the forest and come face to face with a mother gorilla and her baby, the advanced sentries of a habituated family group in Uganda. Or trail orangutans as they journey through the canopies of ancient Sumatran rainforests or across scantly inhabited islands

Wealth of wildlife

Aside from gorillas and orangutans, these secret pockets of dense jungle also hide a wealth of other species, including monkeys, elephants, antelopes, and bird species by the bucket load. We’ve handpicked a couple of our favourite primate safari itineraries to inspire you…

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Did you know?

Gorillas have unique nose prints, like human finger prints.

Did you know?

Orangutan means 'forest person' in Malay.

Did you know?

We share roughly 98% of our DNA with gorillas.

Did you know?

An orangutan's arm span is two metres from fingertip to fingertip.

Did you know?

Gorillas sleep in nests on the ground or in trees.

Did you know?

Orangutan's big toes are opposable.

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