Water Puppet Show at Dao Thuc

Hanoi, Vietnam

Completely unique to Vietnam, water puppetry is a wonderful example of this country’s vibrant cultural heritage. During this exclusive experience, you will meet one of the country's best puppet artisans and enjoy a private 30-minute show.

The folk art of water puppetry has been practised in the village of Dao Thuc for over 300 years, however it has recently become much more well known due to one particular artisan. Head 45-minutes out of Hanoi to reach the village of Dao Thuc, where you can visit this artisan's workshop and learn about his craft.

Round off the trip by experiencing a private outdoor show on the village pond, accompanied by live and traditional orchestra music. The theme of the shows all have strong reference to Vietnamese folklore, with parts on fishing, stories of the harvest, festivals, legends and national history. This is not only a perfect way to experience the drama of theatre but also to view the incredible craftsmanship of the puppets, which are all handmade and hand painted locally in Vietnam.

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