Come hungry and think of the experience as ‘snacking your way’ through the experience.  It’s the time the locals call their ‘snack time', when Hoi An's streets fill with a myriad of street food carts, stalls and vendors. 

With the trusted  lead of your expert guide, gain an introduction of  Hoi An specialities cooked by old family friends. Your guide grew up on these streets, eating at these same food stalls as a child. 

The exclusive access to  the faces behind the stock pots will teach you how the Hoi An locals live and eat, and how in fact many people graze all afternoon, due to the portion sized, people can eat all day! 

Once you skirt the old town wander into the outskirts, weaving in and out the small  alleyways where you'll chow down with the locals at stalls you'd never discover on your own. End the adventure with a tummy full of great food and a heart full of joy. 

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