Visit Xa Linh Village

Mai Chau, The Far North, Vietnam

Take a scenic drive into the hills above Mai Chau, where you can visit Xa Linh village, inhabited by the H’mong hill tribe. The H'mong are one of Vietnam's minority ethnic groups, and they have maintained their own language and culture.

The village itself is a mixture of modern and traditional buildings, sitting 1,000 metres above sea level. From Xa Linh, take a 2 hour walk along scenic mountain trails, getting a glimpse of local life, with many people working in their gardens on various crafts, which can include paper-making and embroidery. Locals may also be wearing traditional H'mong clothing, which includes elaborately embroidered skirts for the women.

Whilst the villagers have their own language, they also speak Vietnamese, and are very welcoming to visitors. Your guide will aid in conversations with the locals, who are often just as curious about you, as you are about them!

If you are in the village on a Sunday, you will also see the local Pa Co Market.

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