Beach Bars in Kendwa

Zanzibar, Tanzania

In the lively bars in Kendwa, northern Zanzibar, enjoy local cocktails and watch the sunset as a mix of traditional African and reggae music plays.

Kendwa, located in the northern tip of the Zanzibar is livelier in terms of nightlife than the beaches of Paje and Bwejuu on the south-east coast. This area is lively in the evenings, with music being played in the bars across the beach throughout the evening.

Here you can meet both tourists and locals, as a mix of reggae, African pop and traditional music plays from large speakers. The bars are modestly built from wood and palm-woven roofs, however the music, bonfires, hammocks, sand and stars are the perfect laid-back party experience. The drink of choice is of course, Konyagi, the speciality gin made in Tanzania. It is recommended to drink it neat, or with a twist of lime, however this 35% liquor is definitely an acquired taste. From “six-fingers”, the eccentric local who gives away free coconuts, to the barmen who will make up your own cocktail recipe, their infectious friendliness will make it impossible not to enjoy yourself. A 30-minute walk from Kendwa is Nungwi, a popular spot for younger tourists, home to more lively bars.

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