Polonnaruwa - Meet the Monkeys

Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka

Visit the ancient city of Polonnaruwa and the monkeys that occupy the area. These impressive ruins have been carefully preserved and have attracted groups of three diurnal primates. Get up close with these cheeky animals and learn about their behaviour.

Today you will head to the heart of Sri Lanka's dry zone and the ancient Kingdom of Polonnaruwa. Here, under the protection of a monkey research centre, the population of these primates has grown significantly. Children in particular, will love this experience.

There are three different monkey species that inhabit these ancient ruins, the purple-faced leaf monkey, the toque monkey and the grey langur. Your day will begin early, meeting your guide for the day at 6.30am, when you will enter the site. Spend 2-hours walking around the site, learning about its history but focusing on the different monkeys and their cheeky behaviour.

Please note, temperatures start to rise pretty quickly, so we recommend you enjoy this experience before the heat of the day.

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