The Inca Trail

Once reserved as a pilgrimage route for Incan nobility, the revered Inca Trail is now one of the most celebrated treks in the world. Passing through the spectacular Andean landscapes of Peru’s Inca heartland, the route winds its way through the dramatic scenery of the Sacred Valley towards the celebrated Lost City of Machu Picchu. Whilst challenging, treks do vary in length and difficulty making it a must do for trail- blazers and ramblers alike.

Whether you choose the classic 3 night trek, or join the trail on its final leg as it approaches Machu Picchu, following in the footsteps of the Incas is guaranteed to be a highlight on any Peru itinerary.

The original Incan pathways pass through lush tropical jungle, mountain valleys and isolated Incan ruins, showcasing the natural beauty and fascinating history of the region. From snow-capped peaks to stunning glacial lakes, the jaw dropping panoramas are impressive from the first day of your trek to the last. For the ultimate adventure, longer hikes include overnight stays in comfortable tented camps whilst non-linear trails incorporate cultural activities and hotel accommodation. Whichever experience you decide, share the wonder of explorer Hiram Bingham, who first discovered the ancient city, as you arrive at the gateway to Machu Picchu. The first glimpse of this wonder of the world is a just reward for weary legs and well-worn boots.

For the less intrepid, yet equally as inspired, choose to arrive at Machu Picchu via rail on an unforgettable journey through the stunning Andean scenery. Relax in the luxury of a 1920’s Pullman style carriage, dine with panoramic views of the Sacred Valley and enjoy authentic Peruvian entertainment aboard one of the region's iconic trains for the perfect alternative to an Inca Trail trek.

The Inca Trail remains the quintessential Peruvian experience thanks to its spectacular scenery and archaeological significance. Whilst treks are demanding and acclimatisation is essential, walking through the heart of the Peruvian countryside is bound leave you reeling from the magic of the Inca kingdom.

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