Abandoned Village Walk trail W6

Nizwa, Oman

The Abandoned Village Walk is an easy-going trek along an ancient donkey path of approximately 2-hours 30-minutes to 3-hours passing through the curious abandoned village of As Sab.

The trek starts at Al Khatim and you then walk with your hiking guide to the abandoned village. The village of As Sab used to be home to about 15 families and was once a very self-sufficient village with a good supply of water, crops and livestock. But it was its remoteness that made it unique – providing protection from enemies. However, 9 years ago the habitants were paradoxically moved by the government to an area which was more accessible to modern services. But the village remains and you can take some time to imagine what it was once like with the stone huts, terraced gardens, grazing goats and empty stone ponds. It is here where you will enjoy your picnic lunch break of about 1-hour before beginning the descent into Wadi Ghul where there will be a driver to take you back. If this is not challenging enough for you, you can always continue on to the Rim Hike (trail W6a).

Please note that this trek cannot be done directly from the hotels in the mountains. You will need to travel by car to the start point, and then travel by car back to your hotel. The journey time each way can be 1-2 hours.

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