Etosha National Park has been under protection since German colonial rule and has become one of the best known Game Reserves in Africa. There are said to be 114 mammal species, 110 reptile species, 16 amphibian species, 340 bird species and even one species of fish. Great numbers of plain game such as zebra, kudu, oryx, wildebeest, giraffe, springbok, impala and eland abound on the grasslands while elephants can also be seen in large herds. Lions dominate the predator food chain and have learnt to cunningly use the waterholes as hunting grounds, while smaller predators like the black-backed jackal trot about seemingly oblivious to the presence of humans.

Since every animal needs water there is constant coming and going at the waterholes, some it is well worth waiting by and watch the diversity of species moving in to drink, and watch the wildlife dramas unfold.

The 4,731 km² salt pan, the largest of its kind in Africa, is the centre piece of Etosha National Park. The pan’s shimmering white crust of salt crystals extends as far as the eye can see. In previous times this was a lake the size of Holland fed by several rivers, probably including the Kunene as well.

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