Best Time to Visit Namibia

People always ask us when is the best time to visit Namibia. The truth is, there is no bad time to go, but depending on what you wish to see, certain months are better than others. For optimum game viewing on safari, the dry season months of April to October are best.

Daytime temperatures during this period range from 20 to 30°C, with chilly mornings and evenings. July to December are by far the busiest months for tourism, so if you are planning to visit during this time it is important to book flights and accommodation as far in advance as possible. November to March is known as the rainy season. This is also when the temperatures are at their highest, sometimes reaching as high as 45°C in the far north and south of the country. Rains are mostly short showers in the afternoon, so they don’t have to impact your holiday too heavily. At this time of year, the scenery is greener and you have the chance to see new-born animals. Birdwatching is best after the rains when numerous flooded depressions attract migrant species.

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Climate guide for Namibia

Destination Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Central Highlands 7°C 175mm 13°C 169mm 13°C 70mm 18°C 112mm 24°C 115mm 26°C 122mm 28°C 69mm 27°C 133mm 28°C 14mm 20°C 204mm 10°C 65mm 11°C 122mm
Etosha 21°C 27mm 20°C 14mm 19°C 11mm 16°C 5mm 13°C 63mm 11°C 49mm 10°C 29mm 10°C 43mm 12°C 25mm 15°C 15mm 16°C 39mm 18°C 4mm
Swakopmund 19°C 0mm 20°C 0mm 19°C 0mm 16°C 0mm 17°C 0mm 20°C 0mm 20°C 0mm 23°C 0mm 16°C 0mm 18°C 0mm 18°C 0mm 19°C 0mm
Windhoek 26°C 5mm 25°C 0mm 25°C 8mm 21°C 0mm 20°C 0mm 16°C 0mm 16°C 0mm 18°C 0mm 21°C 0mm 24°C 0mm 26°C 3mm 24°C 1mm
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