For a small nation, Jordan packs a huge punch in terms of a travel experience. The country offers a wonderfully diverse range of experiences and terrains and is home to four UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the Rose-Red City of Petra, and the awe-inspiring desert landscape of Wadi Rum. Beyond these 'big names', there is plenty more to explore, and amazing adventures await any traveller.

The relatively compact size of Jordan means it is easy to get around, with the key areas only a maximum of a few hours' drive apart from one another. It is a great destination for both couples and families, with the historical sites and epic landscapes offering enough adventure and 'wow factor' to keep even young travellers engaged. The Jordanian people are also warm and welcoming, with the traditional Bedouin culture of hospitality still very much in practice today.

The gem of Jordan is of course Petra, and it is certainly worth all of the hype. The majesty and scale of the site makes this truly a once in a lifetime experience, and once you wind your way through the narrow canyon of the Siq (feel free to imagine yourselves as Indiana Jones) and arrive at the Treasury, you will fully understand why Jordan features on nearly every travel bucket list.

However beyond Petra, the country has plenty more to offer. The extraordinary scenery in Wadi Rum is almost other-worldly, and it is easy to see why it has been used in so many Hollywood movies to portray other planets. Whilst the capital, Amman, is a fairly modern city, there are pockets of fascinating history, and the Roman ruins of Jerash to the north of Amman are arguably some of the most impressive in the world.

The Dead Sea is another alien-esque feature in Jordan. The sea contains water nearly 10 times more salty than the ocean, which is what allows visitors to float practically on the surface. To the south, Jordan occupies a small area on the shores of the Red Sea, which boasts excellent coral reefs. For those wanting to head off the beaten track, the Dana Nature Reserve offers fantastic trekking, and if you are lucky enough you may spot some of the country's rare wildlife here.   

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Jordan has become a bucket list destination over recent years and because of this we suggest booking your trip to Jordan at least six months prior to departure and even earlier if you are looking at travelling over school holidays.

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