Take the road less traveled and discover the secrets of Ethiopia, a country of diversity, existing almost simultaneously in different eras against a magnificent backdrop of plains and proud mountains. Visit the medieval Castles of Gondar and ancient rock churches of Lalibela. Have your heart stolen by the magnificent Bale and Simien mountains and the people that call this enchanting country home.

Home to breath-taking landscapes, unique traditions, an abundance of endemic wildlife and evidence of a fascinating and ancient history, a truly unique travel adventure awaits you in Ethiopia. Home to the largest number of UNESCO sites in Africa, Ethiopia is not short of poignant tales. With tourism still in its infancy, your experience amongst the astonishing landscapes and ancient wonders of this awe-inspiring country will be wholly authentic. It is a privilege and an adventure to discover the secrets of a nation like no other, seldom explored by tourists and a country in transition. Even the most seasoned travelers will be moved by the long-established culture of warmly embracing guests.

Call us on 858 345 1761 to start planning your vacation to Ethiopia

Call us on 858 345 1761 to start planning your vacation to Ethiopia

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