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Culture & history

Without history, everything is just scenery. To explore and understand the sites and monuments of history’s greatest civilizations is to supply you with the narrative, and turns the scenery into an engaging story. From remote sites of antiquity, imposing medieval towns and castles to exploring age-old communities unchanged by time, we can arrange customized historical and cultural vacations.

At Scott Dunn, we wholeheartedly believe a destination comes alive when you uncover the stories of its history and seeing local life in all its richness and authenticity. To make the most of this, we try to show you the destination in new and innovative ways, not just selecting the best guides, but thinking about when you visit a site, and how you can see it differently. From time-old Machu Picchu, to the temples of Angkor Wat or the majesty of India’s forts and palaces, we will showcase the destination in a new light. As everyone is different, you can choose how much or how little you want to see and do, for example a morning exploring and an afternoon putting your feet up. For those with an avid interest, we can uncover a destination in as much detail as your curiosity might desire.

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