Hyderabad - Learn to Cook A Traditional Biryani

Hyderabad, Central India, India

Delight your tastebuds on a culinary experience during your time in Hyderabad. Known to some as the birthplace of Biryani, one of India's most famous dishes, you will enjoy a meal cooked by one of Hyderabad's leading food experts.

Packed full off flavour, no trip to India is complete without sampling some of its famous cuisine especially when visiting Hyderabad. Like the people of Lucknow, the people of Hyderabad share a passion for food.

With both Persian and Mughal influences, Hyderabadi dishes are soul stirringly spicy and aromatic and have evolved into a distinctive cuisine. One of the most iconic dishes of the city is the Biryani. Like paella to the Spanish, in Indian Biryani is so much more than just a dish of rice and meat cooked with some spices and is often sparks a hotly debated topics about where the best Biryani can be found.

Learn about the origins of this famous dish and the different takes on this tradtional dish across the various regions of India. You will enjoy a delicious meal with one of the leading experts of Hyderabadi cuisine in her traditional home.

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