Yuncheng Heritage Discovery

Yuncheng, China

Discover the hidden historical gems of Wan Rong county. Visit the lesser-visited Dong Yue Temple that includes the iconic 40-meter wooden Feng Yu Tower, before continuing to Hou Tu Temple to explore the splendid main building and the Qiu Feng Tower.

Dedicate a day to Wan Rong County and discover some of the best-preserved heritages hidden in South Shanxi.

Explore the less-visited Dong Yue Temple, which was built in the Tang Dynasty (618AD to 907 AD) and rebuilt in late 13th century. The most famous architecture of the temple is the 40-meter Feng Yu Tower, an example of Chinese wooden architecture and an important heritage in Shanxi.

Continue to Hou Tu Temple , a temple that was used to offer sacrifices to the god of the earth.  Spend some time exploring the splendid main building and the Qiu Feng Tower, another masterpiece of Chinese wooden construction.

Today’s drive will be approximately 4 hours and the day trip can take up to 7 hours. 


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