Tsuo La Pass & Gyatso La Pass

Tingri, Tibet, China

A spectacular 9-hour drive along the Friendship Highway crosses both Tsuo La Pass and Gyatso La Pass, with optional detour to visit the Sakya Monastery for those who are energetic and happy to add more travelling times.

The Friendship Highway which connects Tibet with the Chinese-Nepalese border at Zhangmu crosses over multiple high mountain passes. Today's journey is one of the longest, but arguably the most stunning with two high mountain passes: Tsuo La Pass at 4,500 metres and Gyatso La Pass at 5,222 metres.

For those who are keen, a detour to visit Sakya Monastery can be arranged. Sakya Monastery was founded in 1073 with unique Mongolian-influenced architecture which makes it quite different from other Tibetan monasteries. The monastery now functions as a school where the Buddhist teachings and spiritual practices are taught in a highly-qualified traditional setting.

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