Suzhou In-Depth: Second Time's a Charm

Suzhou, Shanghai and Eastern China, China

Today, we visit two more of Suzhou's best gardens: the Master of the Nets and the Lingering Gardens. We then visit the Yunyan Pagoda and Penjing Garden (a bonsai garden) at the Tiger Hill and conclude with a cruise at Suzhou Ancient Grand Canal.

Start your journey with another masterpiece of Suzhou's classical gardens: the Master of the Nets Garden, built in 1140 by Shi Zhengzhi with feng shui-inspired design. Afterwards, we continue into the Lingering Garden, which has synthesized the best features of various Suzhou gardens.

We then head to the Tiger Hill, made famous by Chinese poet Su Shi from the Song Dynasty. While the hill is only 36 metres in height, it covers a lot of historical sites dating more than 2,500 years in age. The number one attraction is the Yunyan Pagoda. The pagoda has stood here in the Tiger Hill for more than 1,000 years old. Uniquely, the seven-storied pagoda leans just like the Leaning Tower of Pisa! Another highlight is the Penjing Garden, a huge bonsai garden and one of the very best in China.

Conclude the day at the Suzhou Ancient Grand Canal for a 25-minute cruise. Watch the ancient stone bridges, old streets and local people pass by as you cruise through this ancient waterway.

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