Samye Monastery, Trandruk Monastery & Yumbu Lakhang Palace

Tsetang, Tibet, China

Dive into the beginning of Tibetan civilization with a visit to Samye Monastery, Trandruk Monastery and Yumbu Lakhang Palace. Optional hike to a sacred hill adjacent to Samye Monastery available for the active travellers.

On your way to Tsetang, you will make a stop at Samye Monastery, known to be the very first Tibetan monastery. It was built during the reign of King Trison Detsen whom revitalized Buddhism. Samye Monastery is also known to be the first monastery to be completed with the three Buddhist jewels of Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.

For the energetic, you can ascend one-hour on a nearby sacred hill which will reward you with a bird eye's view of the monastery compound in the shape of a giant mandala.

Afterwards, we continue to Trandruk Monastery, one of the earliest Buddhist temples in Tibet. There are myriads of treasures and relics within the monastery, but the most treasured is the pearled Tangka, or "Avalokitesvara at his rest".

Finally, we conclude Yumbu Lakhang Palace, built as the first palace in Tibetan history under King Nyatri Tsenpo, who was believed to descend from the sky and ruled the kingdom circa 127 BC. The year of his enthronement is now celebrated as Losar, the Tibetan New Year.

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