Karakul Lake

Kashgar, China

Today, we drive along the Karakoram Highway to visit the Karakul Lake. If you are visiting on a Monday, we can drop by at the Opal Village Monday Market along the way.

Today's full day journey brings you along the famous Karakoram Highway which connects China with Pakistan.

We will visit the Karakul Lake, known as the highest lake along the Pamir Plateau with an altitude of 3,600 metres above sea level. The name "Karakul" translates to "black lake" due to the colour it shows when the cloud covers the sun. Surrounded by snowy mountains, the scenery with crystal water reflecting the surrounding mountain peaks and cloud-filled sky is stunning.

If you are visiting on a Monday, we can make an en-route stop at the Opal Village Monday Market, where you can get acquainted with the local lives and enjoy some of the local produces such as fruits and breads.

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