Hangxuan Ancient Path & Futuo Zen Temple

Anji, Shanghai and Eastern China, China

Start at the Futuo Zen Temple, where you will ascend Xiao'en Pagoda for serene view of the surrounding areas and enjoy a vegetarian meal with the practicing monks. Hike through the meditative bamboo forest to Dusong and stroll Dusong's Hangxuan Path.

A sacred Buddhist ground named after the surrounding mountain, the Futuo Zen Temple is located at a serene forest with dozens of fir trees. Entering the stone courtyard of the temple ground, we will ascend up to the nine-tiered tower of Xiao'en Pagoda for a scenic view of the surrounding areas.

As the noon bell rings, we enter the solemn temple halls for a vegetarian meal with the practicing monks. After the alms, we will take an hour of soul-cleansing walk at the surrounding bamboo woodland, known poetically as the ten-mile zen bamboo forest, which leads us into the Anji village of Dusong.

Entering the thousand-year-old Hangxuan Ancient Path of Dusong is a step back in time. After strolling through the stone paths, we will return to Dusong village where you will be transferred back to your accommodation.

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