Essential Yongding Tulou

Tulou, Hunan, Fujian and Guangzhou, China

Visit various earth house clusters and dive deep into the history and culture of these architectural wonders. Sights include Yongding Hakka Cultural Village and Tianluokeng Earth Houses. End the tour with Yuchang Lou, the oldest and biggest of its type.

Yongding Tulou is the largest tulou cluster in Fujian and is among its most impressive, boasting four earthen building clusters.

Early morning, drive to Yongding, one of the villages where it is known for their fortified earth houses and folk customs, unique to the Hakka culture. Visit the famous Yongding Cultural Village and gain a deeper understanding of the subtle differences between each type of earth houses. Pass over the mountain and enter Shuyang Town to visit the Tianluokeng Earth House Cluster, nicknamed as "Four Dishes and One Soup", the usual postcard picture of the area. End the tour with a visit to the oldest and the biggest Yuchang Lou.

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