Dahongpao Scenic Area and Xiamei Ancient Village

Wuyishan, Hunan, Fujian and Guangzhou, China

Visit the highlights of Wuyishan including Dahongpao tea plantation and the scenic area, as well as Xiamei Ancient Village. Discover the rare Dahongpao tea and immerse in the tranquil atmosphere of Xiamei ancient town.

Take a quick drive to Dahongpao Tea Plantation and enjoy a tour. Dahongpao is a variety of Oolong tea, lightly fermented and said to have nourishing benefits. It is unique, as it only grows on the Wuyi mountain hence the scarcity of this tea blend. Savour the healthy yet delicious dishes of the Wen Gong banquet for lunch before heading to Dahongpao Scenic Area where the famous Wuyi Rock Tea is grown. 

Afterwards, visit Xiamei Ancient Village. Step back in time as you stroll along the stone paved streets and admire the well-preserved architectural and cultural buildings. Soak in the peaceful ambience of the town.

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