Chengdu City Tour

Chengdu, China

Discover the best of Chengdu as you explore Jinli ancient street, the Thatched Cottage of Dufu and wander in the trendy pedestrian streets of Kuanzhai alleyways. If time allows, visit Wuhou temple, dedicated to commemorating Zhu Geliang.

Enjoy a city tour of Chengdu. Visit the Jinli ancient street, where it was famous for its silk during the Qin Dynasty. Continue to the Thatched Cottage of Du Fu, the former residence of the great poet Du Fu. Admire the classical Chinese architectural style surrounded by lush greenery and nature.

Afterwards, head to the Kuanzhai alleys, an old neighbourhood of Chengdu that underwent a revamp to become a trendy pedestrian street that complements beautifully with the restored traditional architecture. If time allows, take a tour of the Wuhou temple which was dedicated to commemorating the famous figure of the Three Kingdoms, Zhu Geliang.

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