Amanfayun - West Lake Boating

Hangzhou, China

Enjoy an early start for this romantic cruise on West Lake with breakfast followed by a walk through the majestic Su Causeway.

Arrive at Guo’s Villa on Yanggong Causeway early in the morning, where you will hop on your boat that will take you on a tranquil cruise. Opt for a hearty picnic breakfast which will be waiting for you onboard the traditional, Hangzhou style boat.

Cruise along the Inner Lake, renowned for its natural beauty with its waterways fringed with weeping willows, lotuses and hidden pavilions. On the way you will also get the chance to see and meet the local Hangzhou elders starting their day practicing Tai Chi.

Reach the North part of West Lake and take a 45-minute walk through Su Causeway, one of the ten infamous scenes of West Lake named after ancient Chinese poet and painter Su Dongpo. Marvel at the six arched bridges, running along the lake’s western edge which take on magnificent different forms at depending on the weather and the time of year, all adding to its charm. According to tradition, lovers will live together forever if they can walk its complete length hand in hand. allow approximately 2.5 hours for both walk and cruise.

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