Amanfayun - Chinese Tea Experience

Hangzhou, China

Combine your stay at Amanfayun with a visit to Longjing Village and at the nearby National Tea Museum, a must for any tea lover.

The tea bushes surrounding Amanfayun and our neighbouring Meijiawu and Longjing Villages all produce Longjing Tea. Delve into the world of Chinese tea to understand how it is made, visiting one of the tea farmers in Longjing Village. Over a few cups of their own Longjing Tea the locals will teach you about the arduous process they go through to produce one of the world's finest and expensive teas in the world.

From here wind your way walking back down the valley to the National Tea Museum for an excellent display of the history and heritage associated with tea in China.

Alternatively if you’ve had enough tea for one day, stroll down the picturesque cobblestone pathway from Longjing Village to Nine Creeks. This easy walk passes along a beautiful valley crisscrossing the stream numerous times with the forested hillsides giving way to tea farms on either side of the path. Please note that either walk takes approximately one hour.

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