Angkor Thom Scavenger Hunt by Bicycle

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Exclusive to Scott Dunn and ideal for the whole family, this unique experience takes you through Angkor Thom on an adventurous photo scavenger hunt. You'll have 11 different clues peppered across the ancient temples. Success will be awarded at the end!

This extraordinary photo scavenger hunt, by bicycle, really brings Angkor Thom and its ancient crumbling temples to life. There are 11 different clues to find, spread across the jungle tangled temples. With your phone or camera take pictures to prove you've found them. The temples are easily navigable by bicycle but you will need to clamber into the temples on foot as well! It's perfect for the intrepid explorer. At the end there will be a prize if all 11 clues are found. If you prefer, we can also run the scavenger hunt with a car and driver - however we recommend doing it by bike as we find it far more exciting. This experience is fantastic for families or adventurous couples, making history that little bit more exciting.

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