Maria Island Walk

Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

The Maria Island Walk is a 4 day, 3 night walking experience where you will see fantastic wildlife, stunning scenery, learn the fascinating history and eat and drink the best produce of Tasmania.

After collection in Hobart you will be taken to the coastal town of Triabunna where you will be taken by boat to Maria Island and begin your trek across the island. The first day you will explore the amazing Haunted Bay having walked a total of 8km. For the first and second nights you will stay in the two wilderness camps that are located in the bush but very near to the beach. You will stay in warm comfortable beds and will wake up feeling energised to take on the next part of the walk.

During the walk you will see the dolphins playing in the surf as well as a variety of birdlife on the island. Indulge in the beautiful Tasmanian waters and have a swim at the end of the day right by the White Gums camp. On the third day you will head to the heart of the island and walk through the forests. If you are feeling energetic you could climb one of the peaks, either Mount Maria or Bishop or Clerk. The views are breathtaking from the top once you have climbed through the 'cloud' rainforest. For the last night you will be staying in an old colonial house called Bernacchi House which is located in the Darlington settlement, and once again you will enjoy the fantastic food and wine in the evening. On the last day you will walk the final tip of the island taking in the wildlife on the way. After the final lunch back at Darlington you will then take the boat back to the Tasmanian mainland and head back to Hobart.

All the Maria Island guides are superb. Their knowledge is outstanding and their passion for the island is infectious. This is the place to see the outstanding natural beauty of Tasmania, spot the many different animal species and birdlife that make Maria Island their home and simply enjoy the unspoilt landscape of a beautiful island. Not only will you take away a fantastic experience of Tasmania, but you will also have memories for life.

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