Things to Do in Australia

In a land of limitless horizons, there is no end to the experiences on offer in Australia. We’ll pepper your trip with activities that leave you totally in awe – whether that’s climbing the architecturally striking Sydney Harbour Bridge at sunrise; savouring world-renowned blends in one of the country’s celebrated wine regions; or trekking through wild and tropical rainforests.

There’s a plethora of experiences for wildlife lovers from swimming alongside mighty whale sharks; venturing on safari in the dusty Australian Outback in search of koalas, roos and wombats; and snorkeling amongst the mystifying creatures of the Great Barrier Reef. Or, for a slice of Australian culture, then why not meet with an Aboriginal elder; take a surf lesson in Byron Bay with a pro surfer; or venture on a tour of Melbourne’s trendiest foodie precincts with a local chef. These really are just the starting points; ask our specialists to recommend unique Australian experiences to enrich your vacation in a way you can’t even imagine.

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