Best Time to Visit Australia

People always ask us when the best time is to visit Australia. The truth is, there is no bad time to go, but depending on what you wish to see, certain months are better than others. Australia is a country of two distinctive climates. The northern half of the country is best accessed between the months of April and September where it is notably drier and brighter. Although the wildlife is habitually more active outside these months, it’s important to note that humidity and rainfall also intensifies in line.

The summer months of December to February bring hot weather in the southern half of Australia. However, our favorite times to visit this half of the country are the autumn and spring where it’s typically less busy and offers a more temperate climate. For wildlife fanatics, we’d recommend traveling Down Under between September and November, as the wildlife is more active; whereas March to May is when wineries are busy grape harvesting.  

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Climate guide for Australia

Destination Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
New South Wales 76°F 53mm 74°F 76mm 72°F 185mm 68°F 13mm 62°F 15mm 57°F 118mm 57°F 38mm 57°F 67mm 62°F 84mm 66°F 18mm 70°F 30mm 72°F 6mm
Northern Territory 83°F 312mm 85°F 154mm 84°F 139mm 83°F 151mm 80°F 29mm 76°F 0mm 75°F 0mm 77°F 0mm 80°F 0mm 84°F 19mm 85°F 89mm 87°F 62mm
Queensland 80°F 13mm 78°F 33mm 77°F 175mm 70°F 45mm 66°F 24mm 61°F 58mm 61°F 14mm 62°F 7mm 67°F 10mm 69°F 53mm 75°F 13mm 77°F 210mm
South Australia 77°F 0mm 73°F 6mm 70°F 14mm 66°F 7mm 57°F 136mm 53°F 120mm 54°F 59mm 52°F 74mm 57°F 63mm 64°F 22mm 64°F 32mm 74°F 5mm
Tasmania 67°F 6mm 63°F 65mm 61°F 28mm 57°F 38mm 53°F 38mm 49°F 36mm 49°F 38mm 48°F 95mm 53°F 30mm 54°F 28mm 56°F 40mm 60°F 15mm
Victoria 44°F 85mm 36°F 21mm 45°F 15mm 50°F 35mm 55°F 31mm 57°F 10mm 60°F 15mm 61°F 23mm 57°F 53mm 49°F 67mm 46°F 71mm 44°F 115mm
Western Australia 73°F 6mm 75°F 1mm 73°F 6mm 66°F 45mm 59°F 18mm 57°F 167mm 56°F 102mm 57°F 103mm 61°F 26mm 64°F 25mm 71°F 13mm 77°F 3mm
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