Best Time to Visit Australia

People always ask us when the best time is to visit Australia. The truth is, there is no bad time to go, but depending on what you wish to see, certain months are better than others. Australia is a country of two distinctive climates. The northern half of the country is best accessed between the months of April and September where it is notably drier and brighter. Although the wildlife is habitually more active outside these months, it’s important to note that humidity and rainfall also intensifies in line.

The summer months of December to February bring hot weather in the southern half of Australia. However, our favourite times to visit this half of the country are the autumn and spring where it’s typically less busy and offers a more temperate climate. For wildlife fanatics, we’d recommend travelling Down Under between September and November, as the wildlife is more active; whereas March to May is when wineries are busy grape harvesting.  

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Climate guide for Australia

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