Dusk with the Datoga tribe

Near the Mwiba reserve, Northern Tanzania

The Datoga are a nomadic herding tribe, known as great warriors and one of the oldest tribes in Tanzania. Visit in the late afternoon to watch the livestock being herded back into the safety of the boma, as everyone gathers to sing and welcome them.

The young morani herders bring back the cows and goats each afternoon at dusk, and the combination of the light at this time of day and the dust kicked up by the hooves offers some superb photographic opportunities. The Datoga boma is buzzing with life at this time of day, with the women, children and elders gathering to watch the herds returning to the fold for the evening. Typically they will dance and leap high into the air, part of an ancient tradition, with their bangles and extravagant beads clanging as they leap.

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