Tours in North Asia, China & Japan

North Asia, China and Japan has it all. From the skyscrapers of Tokyo, Niseko's spellbinding white snow, Mongolia’s untamed frontier, the magnificent Tiger Leaping Gorge in Yunnan, peaceful bamboo rafts on the Li River; fun and vibrant street food tours in Osaka; and the famous cherry blossom vistas of Miyajima Island, all of this resulting in a paradise for adventure enthusiasts and intrepid travellers alike.

With its magical mix of landscapes, culture, cuisine and climate, we have travelled to the furthest reaches as well as the better-known spectacles to unearth the best kept secrets these countries hold. Through our first-hand knowledge we can work with you to create unique and exceptional trips throughout this region to form the perfect itinerary for you, as no two trips here are the same. It can all be as laid back or as action packed as you would like, one thing for sure is that you will have an exceptional and unique time travelling with us.

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