Rhino Tracking in Damaraland

Damaraland, Namibia

Damaraland's mountains and rocky landscapes are the perfect habitat for the endangered black rhino - with no boundaries, the rhino are free to wander where they please.

Damaraland is known to contain the largest concentration of black rhino outside a national park, due mainly to the incredible work done by the Save The Rhino trust in conserving their habitat and directly protecting the animals themselves.

You'll set out in the early morning, accompanied by experienced rhino trackers whose knowledge and understanding of the black rhino mean they are able to track it with the least disturbance caused to the animals. On foot, the trackers move ahead while you stay with your guide, who will point out interesting wildlife - kudu, oryx, klipspringer and even the rare desert-adapted elephant - on the way. When the trackers find a rhino or a small group you will approach carefully and quietly, and can then watch them from a safe distance. It's an incredible experience to be watching these endangered animals from relatively close. While the rhino will be acutely aware of your presence due to their heightened hearing, they are very short-sighted, so will not be able to see you. You will be able to spend time with them before backing off slowly, and heading back to the vehicle to take you back to camp.

We highly recommend the desert rhino tracking experience in Damaraland - one of the highlights!

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