Motlsog Els Sand Dunes

The Gobi Desert and Southern Mongolia, Mongolia

Amongst the rugged rocks and cliffs of the Gobi, Moltsog Els is one of the few areas covered by sand dunes. Explore the shifting sands on foot or more atmospherically, on the back of a Bactrian camel, a unique symbol of the Mongolian desert.

Deep in the Gobi Desert, the undulating dunes of Motlsog Els are a magnificent sight. On the boder of the Khustai National Park, these gently rolling sand dunes offer a true glimpse of the Mongolian desertscape in all its glory. Climb the dunes on foot, or for the ultimate Mongolian desert experience, board a Bactrian camel for a unique experience and even better views. There will also be the opportunity to visit a local camel herding family and learn about this truly eye-opening way of life.

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