Family Visit in Gobi

The Gobi Desert and Southern Mongolia, Mongolia

Experience a way of life unchanged for centuries as you spend the afternoon with a local nomadic family, learning how they herd and care for their livestock and thrive amongst the harsh and often unforgiving landscapes of Mongolia.

To truly understand Mongolia, it is essential to get under the skin of the traditional nomadic way of life. Spend an afternoon in the company of a nomadic family, who spend their life travelling across the plains and deserts of the Mongolian wilderness, living off the land and sleeping under canvas. This way of life is still thriving, with approximately 30% of Mongolia’s population still living a nomadic lifestyle, caring and tending their livestock as they move across the changing pastures and rugged terrain. Discover how these warm and welcoming people manage to uphold this ancient way of life as the rest of the world continues to modernise at a terrifying pace, peacefully raising, milking and herding their animals, perhaps learning how to make the traditional yak butter tea as you uncover the secrets of this centuries old way of life.

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