Things to Do in Mongolia

Whether Mongolia has captured your imagination because of its astounding history, mesmerising landscapes or enchanting culture, there is a vast array of things to do in Mongolia.

Wilderness awaits in Gorkhi Terelj, a protected area home to elk and bear with an abundance of hiking, biking and riding trails set amidst beautiful scenery. For history dating back billions of years, we can whisk you on an incredible paleontological quest in the Gobi Desert in search of dinosaur fossils, where many have been discovered, or to the Altai Mountains to experience nomadic life with the legendary Kazakh Eagle Hunters. This is just scratching the surface; our specialists are here to recommend a host of unique Mongolia experiences tailored to your needs, interests and bucket list. We’ll choose the very best local guides whose knowledge truly knows no bounds to bring their homeland to life in a truly captivating way.

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