Batang Ai National Park

Batang Ai National Park is in Sarawak, on the border with Indonesian Borneo. The park covers 240 square kilometres of tropical rainforest, and has the highest density of wild orangutans in central Borneo. Due to a close relationship with the area’s community, the park also provides one of the best opportunities to meet local tribes and learn about their culture and history.

Within the park there is a large reservoir, created by damming the Batang Ai River in 1980 as part of a hydro-electricity scheme. As well as orangutans, the park is also home to gibbons, giant squirrels, bearded pigs and slow loris. There are some wonderful bird species, including the Rhinoceros Hornbill, and a huge number of amphibians, including 52 species of frog.

Batang Ai National Park is also home to the Iban tribe. Whilst the tradition of head-hunting is no more, the tribe have continued to preserve other customs. During your stay in the park, it is possible to visit one of the traditional longhouses and meet members of the tribe.

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