Ultimate beach resorts

You have your heart set on the ultimate beach holiday. We're talking A-list with private coves, butler service, crisp white bed linens and ultra-hip interiors. A beach resort befitting of Hollywood royalty. Where everything becomes one hazy daydream of pinch-me perfect virgin white sand, Michelin-worthy cuisine and shimmering ocean views, even submarines at your disposal. Welcome to paradise.

Whether you're going to celebrate or chill out, there are a handful of exclusive beach resorts that go above and beyond to ensure that you're pampered, day and night, to within an inch of your life. Swim in warm turquoise water, sink into butter-soft leather upholstery in your private beachfront villa, savour the scent of jasmine in the breeze and dine on fresh lobster at an over-water restaurant. At these, the crème de la crème of beach resorts, relaxation is a serious business.

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