Amantaka - Baci Ceremony

Luang Prabang, Laos

Overseen by a master of ceremonies or "Mo Phon", take part in a traditional 30-minute Baci ceremony and receive Baci strings around your wrists. A ritual practiced in Luang Prabang for hundreds of years it is thought to protect from illness and sadness.

Also known as a "Sou Khouan" ceremony, Baci is a Brahmin-influenced ritual based on the belief that there are 32 spirits or Khouan that inhabit our bodies and protect us.

The master of ceremonies repeats rhythmic ritual words and chants to the spirits to remind them of their duties as their influence is stronger when the Khouan are working together, symbolised by the tying of Baci strings.

The ceremony can be carried out to mark the arrival or departure to a new environment and is also a wonderful ceremony for celebrations such as honeymoons, birthdays and anniversaries. A tray of floral decorations, candles, Baci strings and offerings will be prepared for you and it is believed strings should remain for three days to maintain harmony.

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