Set off on the experience of a lifetime. Accompany a passionate foodie guide along the winding stone streets, which are lined with old wooden buildings known as machiya, quaint teahouses, and exclusive Japanese restaurants, many of which are accessible by invitation only.

Start the evening at a lively restaurant serving dishes made with fresh vegetables harvested from their local farm, as well as fruit cocktails. While enjoying a flavourful variety of dishes, enjoy entertaining and informative stories from the guide.

Next, stop at a small bar where the chef serves fresh, seasonal, locally sourced fish and other fusion dishes, which are paired with sake that perfectly complements each drink.

No meal is complete without dessert, and a small sweet stand originally established toward the end of the Edo Period will be the next stop of the tour. Take this moment to indulge the taste buds and savour some exquisite, traditional Japanese sweets.

After this, follow the guide to a restaurant – one that is secreted away so carefully that many locals may be unaware of its existence – that specialises in Japanese beef barbecue. Enjoy sampling the most sumptuous grilled beef with a choice of craft beer to enhance the experience. End the tour by indulging in one last dessert.

Following this evening of culinary and cultural indulgence through the pleasures of food and storytelling, return to the hotel with a deeper understanding of Japanese culture and cuisine, and memories to last a lifetime.


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