Temples of Tikal

Tikal, Guatemala

Experience one of the Maya world's most impressive and evocative temple complexes, Tikal, and feel like a true Indiana Jones. Tikal is arguably the greatest of all Mayan cities. Enjoy a fascinating private guided tour with your very own archaeology guide.

Perhaps the most visually stunning and impressive of all Maya sites, Tikal’s five monolithic temples pierce the jungle canopy (Temple IV reaching a height of almost 230 feet). The ancient plazas, stelae and ball courts tell of a rich and powerful history when Tikal’s population reached almost 100,000. Today the site is justifiably recognised as one of the archaeological wonders of the Americas. Its unspoiled jungle setting within the Tikal National Park makes it a paradise for birders, nature lovers and amateur archaeologists.

You can enjoy a private tour with an archaeological guide, and we can even arrange special access at sunset, allowing you to enjoy the tranquility of the site. The silence is frequently punctured by the eerie call of howler monkeys and it’s easy to let your imagination step back in time and imagine causeways bustling with life and shamans holding court atop the monolithic limestone temples. As night closes in you’ll walk back along forest trails enchanted by this truly unique experience. Lunch included.

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