You'll be met at your hotel by a private guide for a tour of Tikal National Park, where some 3,000 ancient structures rise from the rainforest floor. Not only will you enjoy a fascinating tour of this impressive UNESCO World Heritage Site, but you'll also experience the sights and sounds of tropical birds and animals, including howler and spider monkeys, that live in the jungle canopy. Once home to an estimated at 50,000 residents or more, Tikal flourished from 800 BC to 900 AD. You'll follow in the footsteps of Maya royalty and commoners as your guide leads you to such sites as the majestic Great Plaza and its Temple of the Jaguar (44 meters / 144 feet), Temple of the Masks (38m/125ft), the Acropolis and much more.

Lunch is provided at a local restaurant. You can also explore the museum at the visitor center before returning to your hotel.

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