Hotels in Guatemala

Accommodation in Guatemala can be varied, and the quality of the hotel can really vary depending on where you visit. Over the years, some really lovely properties have opened in both Antigua and Lake Atitlan, two of the more popular places to visit in the country. Here you will find a nice blend of luxury accommodation and colonial charm. This is especially true in Antigua, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where many of the buildings are built in a very traditional, colonial style.

As you venture out from these cities, the accommodation becomes progressively simpler, so it is important to work with experts to make sure your hotel is going to meet your expectations. Nowhere in Guatemala will you find any large chain hotels, which is one thing we love about the country. Each property you stay in is sure to feel boutique, intimate and unique.

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Guatemala Hotel Ideas

Our specialists have traveled every inch of Guatemala and stayed in countless hotels so that we can recommend only the very best ones to match your preferences. Whether you want to stay at the hottest property in the area or are looking for somewhere with rustic charm, our handpicked selection of hotels has every angle covered.

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