Stroll around the biggest & oldest olive groove of Naxos Island; a beautiful valley that is surrounded by 300 thousand olive trees, 7 villages, and 120 Byzantine churches.

Discover Byzantine churches and small picturesque villages filled with colorful flowers, fruitful trees, and friendly people.

Halki (Chalki) village used to be the capital of the island as well as its main administrative and trade centre. It is located in the centre of Naxos, 16 km from chora in the central area of the valley of Tragea. The region of Tragea is the principal olive cultivation area of the Cyclades. It is speculated that Halki’s name is derived from a family of bronze metalsmiths who were settled in the region by the Venetians.

During the hike, you will also have the opportunity to visit and enjoy the products of a Kitron Distillery and an Olive Oil press which was the first to operate with electricity.

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