Wuyuan's Hidden Gems

Wuyuan, Shanghai and Eastern China, China

While Wuyuan's popularity has skyrocketed, we will let you in some of its better-kept secrets including the misty Shicheng village, Jujing's perfectly round-shaped village including a viewpoint, and the umbrella artisans of Jialu.

We start early morning to visit Shicheng village with its grandiose morning mist amidst sceneries of ancient maple and magnolia trees, which is beautiful in every season but especially during autumn.

Afterwards, we continue to the viewpoint where you can see the unique shape of Jujing, also known as the roundest village in China.

Finally, we continue to Jialu where you will meet local artisans who have been making umbrellas from as early as the Song Dynasty. Appreciate the finesse of their works, which at one point during the twentieth century consitutes export of umbrellas in the tens of thousands!

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